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Driving Lessons Reviews

Driving Lessons Reviews

Driving Lesson Reviews

Driving Lessons Reviews have become an indispensable resource of information to enable students to evaluate the driving school or driving instructor that will provide their driving lessons.

Driving Lessons can vary enormously in both price and quality and it can be extremely difficult for learner drivers to choose wisely if they are to get the maximum value from the driving lesson fees they pay. You will be able to read a wide variety of Driving Lessons Reviews from past students and see exactly why they decided to choose and trust the Driving School with their driving tuition.

Many of the Driving Lessons Reviews will state the most important reason that influenced their decision and explain in some detail how they found the ease of which they could both book and pay for driving lessons, their driving instructors methods and whether they were approachable and friendly. All very important reasons for the majority of students.

As you browse through Driving Lesson Reviews you will no doubt read many views of past customers that have had the customer experience and chose the school based on the same criteria that is also important to you.

Here are just a few select reasons that students found to be the most important:

  • The school/instructor came recommended
  • Structured lessons
  • High test pass rate
  • Flexibility of lessons
  • Local to me
  • Passion for teaching and friendly
  • Approachable
  • Driving Lessons Reviews
  • Passing quickly
  • Value for money
  • Preparation for safe driving
  • Easy to get on with
  • Patient and understanding of my nervousness
  • Professional service and tuition
  • Good instructor
  • Adaption to my learning pace and style
  • Excellent local reputation
  • Great customer service
  • Made to feel comfortable
  • Reliability
  • 2-hour lessons
  • Family run school
  • Success rate and reviews
  • Experienced instructor
  • Regular block bookings and consistency

30% of learner drivers change their Driving Instructor before their test!


There really is no excuse in this day and age to take risks with our purchases and to simply choose driving lessons based on price alone would be foolhardy and a potential recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of learner students still purchase their lessons on price alone.

 This trend is now changing, savvier learners and their parents are turning to Driving Lessons Reviews to make more informed decisions.

frustrated student

Think back to a few years ago when we purchased our annual holidays by looking at glossy brochures in the travel agents. The hotel and resort photos were taken by professional commercial photographers who were contracted to take only the very best photos and leave out the decaying debris in the pool or the rubbish tip next door.

So many holidaymakers arrived at their destination expecting to see some resemblance to the glossy brochure but were horrified to see the reality of what greeted them.

The TV channels were full of programmes such as holidays from hell or holiday disasters.


It’s all very different now


The TV programmes have all disappeared now and many high street travel agents have gone bust. The reason for this – Customer Reviews Sites.

Most savvy people looking to book their all-important annual holidays now visit trip advisor or similar such review sites and read real customer reviews from real people that have had the customer experience.

These holidaymakers have no vested interest and will tell you exactly how it was along with a good selection of real photos, warts and all!

You do need to look at a good number of reviews as mentioned above because different people are looking for different things and have differing views on what is acceptable and what is not. One person may absolutely rave about the restaurant and the next person may hate it. Joe from the UK thinks the beach is amazing, while Brad from the USA thinks it’s a nightmare!

One thing is for sure, read several Driving Lessons Reviews and you will get a balanced view as to what is important to YOU.



The online giant Amazon were one of the first retailers to introduce customer reviews, which was a million miles from the old type of customer testimonials that basically gave a pat on the back and were always of a positive nature.

I personally use Amazon extensively as I can purchase just about anything (no driving lessons though!) with virtually no risk. In fact, I can spend 15-30 minutes reading customer reviews on a product and become an expert within that time.

I can read what customers purchased, why they chose that particular product, what they used it for and whether it did the job advertised.

I can also read comments about the customer returns experienced, if it failed to live up to expectations and whether customers would use them again.


There are some flaws with Customer Reviews though!


Even the giants Trip Advisor and Amazon have been accused of fabricating reviews.

Virtually all the review sites LACK customer photos and some LACK full names or even locations.

 In my opinion, a real authentic customer review MUST include the following:

  • A photo of the customer (you can’t make this up)
  • A full name
  • A location

This is the only way to be sure you are reading an authentic review.

Driving School Websites


 Most driving school websites contain old type “testimonials” that are no more than a pat on the back.

“My instructor was brilliant and I would recommend him to anyone looking for lessons.”

 Dave, Birmingham.

These type of testimonials lack any substance as to why Dave was brilliant and will not help you match YOUR most important criteria AND can be so easily made up!



“I was really pleased that Kelvin White Driving School had structured lessons as my previous Instructors had not provided me with lesson plans or feedback. I was also looking for flexibility from an Instructor due to working shifts.

I really enjoyed my lessons with my Driving Instructor Steve Hales as his lesson plans helped me to progress. Steve’s teaching methods were fantastic, always giving me feedback and ways I could improve.

I have experienced a different School’s “method” and yours are a lot better!! You certainly get my recommendation!!

Ashley Johnson, Taunton.

Ashley Johnson is clearly a real person and his friends would see this photo.

He has provided a full name.

He has provided a location.

Authentic Customer Review

Authentic Customer Review Example

Look at his reasons for recommending this school.

He was pleased about the structured lessons as his previous instructor did not provide this.

He was also pleased with lesson plans and feedback offered to him.

He was also happy with the flexibility of lessons due to his shift working.

He thought the lesson plans were fantastic as it helped him to improve.

He was able to make a comparison with his previous learning experience.

The reasons given by Ashley may be important to you, and if so you could expect a similar experience when choosing Ashley’s instructor, Steve.

You may have other criteria that are more important to you, so just keep reading Driving Lessons Reviews until you find what you are looking for, BINGO.

Driving Lesson Reviews Directory


This Driving Lesson Reviews Directory has been produced to make purchasing your driving lessons free of risk.

ALL Driving Schools and Instructors listed in this directory MUST comply with our very exacting, Trusted and Authentic Reviews Policy which includes a customer photo, full name and location before we list them as a the most Trusted and Authentic Driving Lessons Review provider in your area.

Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting the Driving Lessons Reviews site and I really hope we can help you choose your driving lessons with confidence and that your learning experience is a fun and productive.

All the very best on your quest for a driving licence and the independence that will come with it.









Kelvin White.

CEO, Kelvin White Driving School Limited.

CEO, ADI Business Success Limited.

Author Bio:

Kelvin White qualified as an approved driving instructor in 1999 and became a franchise with a large national driving school until 2001. He then left the franchise to become an independent instructor and built a solid local reputation for providing quality tuition in his hometown of Bridgwater in Somerset.

During 2010, Kelvin made the transition between independent instructor and business owner and launched Kelvin White Driving School. The School quickly expanded and by the end of 2012 was operating with over 30 franchised instructors.

A major part of the School’s success was down to the use of innovative marketing techniques in combination with many hours of research and business seminars. This success was documented and made available to driving instructors throughout the UK through the membership site:, this has helped 598 UK Instructors and Driving School owners to be more business savvy so far.


Authentic Driving Lesson Review Member