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Driving Lesson Reviews Orpington Sam Fielding

“I chose the Matt Shurmer Driving School because my brother had Gavin as an instructor when he was learning, and had nothing but good things to say, so I chose to go with Gavin as well, who happened to be with Matt Shurmer Driving School. Learning to drive was a lot better than I had expected. A lot of it was just remembering how and when to do things, so it was quite easy to get to grips with everything as time went on. Gavin’s teaching methods were very good. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. Gavin knew when to take a more serious approach and when to stay light hearted to get a point across. His techniques involving reference points and explanations of techniques were easy to grasp, and seem a lot more understandable than some others I’ve heard that my friends had been taught. I would recommend you to others because you’re friendly instructors with good teaching, at a reasonable price. Nothing really comes to mind that could have been done better.” Driving Lesson Reviews Orpington Sam Fielding

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