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Driving Lesson Reviews UK Directory

Driving Lesson Reviews

Purchasing your Driving Lessons and choosing your Driving Instructor or Driving School can be a minefield without the help of Driving Lesson Reviews

We have selected the best Trusted and Authenticated Driving Lesson Reviews For Your Area.

All Reviews are verified 100% authentic with the full name of customer, their location and photo.

We now live in a Customer Review society and many savvy customers are making their purchase decisions based on the Reviews from customers that have actually had the customer experience and therefore are able to pass on their experiences to you.

Risk Free.

You can now take away the RISK and choose your Driving Instructor based on what real customers have to say about them, rather than simply choosing on the price they charge and you can make your decision based on the factors that are important to YOU.

Driving Instructors and Driving Schools have been using the old type “Testimonials” for years and the “my instructor was brilliant”  type of testimonial has no substance as to why the customer chose them and exactly why they were brilliant. Testimonials that do not have a full customer name and photo unfortunately can be made up as there is no way of checking.

Now you can use Driving Lesson Reviews to choose driving lessons and the Driving School or Driving Instructor based on the criteria that you feel is important to YOU.

Good luck with your tuition and I wish you many years of safe motoring.

5 Star Authentic Review


Driving Lessons-Reviews-Taunton-Ashely-Johnson

“I was really pleased that Kelvin White Driving School had structured lessons as my previous Instructors had not provided me with lesson plans or feedback. I was also looking for flexibility from an Instructor due to working shifts.

I really enjoyed my lessons with my Driving Instructor Steve Hales as his lesson plans helped me to progress. Steve’s teaching methods were fantastic, always giving me feedback and ways I could improve.

I have experienced a different School’s ‘methods’ and yours are a lot better!! You certainly get my recommendation!!

Ashley Johnson, Taunton 

Authentic Reviews

Authentic Driving Lesson Reviews